Every life is a story worth telling


Ever thought about writing your own memoir or recording the stories of an older family member? 

Have you started but found it all too daunting?

We can help.

Why write a memoir? Bequeath a story to future generations that will be valued far more than any material gift could be. Bring the past to life.

What we do: We create memoirs as either audio recordings or as a professional account written in your voice, using your words. We can also edit existing manuscripts and offer clear and practical guidance.

Who we are: Lucy Palmer and Kylie Matthews are professional writers with a background in book publishing, radio, magazines and newspapers. We are award-winning journalists and experienced memoir writers as well as researchers and interviewers with a commitment to excellence. Lucy’s memoir, A Bird on My Shoulder, will be published in 2015 by Allen & Unwin.

What’s involved: We just need your time and we will do the rest. Please contact us so we can discuss your project and the likely costs involved.

Cost: There are several options available ranging from the creation of high-quality recordings with an accompanying transcript, to a substantial book with photographs. We are also manuscript editors and can advise you on publishing options. Contact us.