Memoir services

Audio only interviews
We conduct interviews and record them as audio recordings to present in digital format (minimum of 4 hours).

Audio interviews and raw transcripts
In addition to audio interviews presented in digital format, we also supply raw transcripts of the audio recordings for client reference.         

Audio interviews and edited transcripts
As well as audio interviews presented in digital format, we supply edited and easy-to-read transcripts of the audio recordings.

Professional memoir
We can produce professionally written memoir based on interviews and written in the voice of the client. This is a complex but ultimately far more rewarding path and includes family research, fact-checking, and extensive editing. A shorter memoir may be about 20,000 words – a larger memoir could be 80,000 words or more. A selection of photographs can also be included and the memoir professionally bound or published.

Professional editing for the self-written memoir
We offer a professional and extensive editing service to clients who have written a memoir and need help to complete it.